Our Story

A fter finding out that ‘The Lord Raglan’ was to close people from the local community were devastated. We didn’t want to just sit back and accept the loss of a vital community hub. We decided to take matters into our own hands, so we set up a financial co-operative to bring ‘The Lord Raglan’ back to life which means selling shares and accessing grants.

Over the past several months we have:

Originally set up an unincorporated Community Association, elected a committee and adopted a constitution

Held public meetings with people from Nangreaves and the surrounding area - from these meetings a steering group was formed.

‘The Lord Raglan’ has been listed as an ‘Asset of Community Value’, which gives us 6 months to raise the funds – this does not give us the right to buy, but it does give us a right to bid, raise funds and make a credible offer.

Community Benefit Society know as ‘The Raglan Community Hub Ltd’ using the rules of Co-operative UK transferred the assets of the Community Association to ‘The Raglan Community Hub Ltd’ which supersedes the Association.

We have secured £2500 from the Plunkett Foundation / More Than A Pub www.plunkett.co.uk

£600 of the money secured from the Plunkett Foundation has been used for a survey of the pub

Membership of both Co-operative UK and Plunkett Foundation has been secured

A meeting was held with Malcolm Harrison (Pub Is The Hub) who gave valuable guidance www.pubisthehub.org.uk and gave us confidence in moving forward with our goal.

Several meetings and correspondence with Beccy Murrell from Plunkett Foundation

Members of the steering committee have held a meeting with the local council who are very supportive of ‘The Raglan Community Hub’.

Questionnaires have been handed out during the public meetings which has given the community chance to air their views and vision for the pub, further indepth questionnaires will be circulated.

Sandy Wilkinson (Treasurer) has completed a business plan

A bank account has been set up for ‘The Raglan Community Hub Ltd’?????

Applied to HMRC for confirmation that investors will be eligible for tax relief under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

‘The Raglan Community Hub Ltd’ has the full support of James Frith (our local MP), Dorothy Gunther (Lady Mayoress) and James Daly (our local Councilor)

One of the great strengths from our community is that everyone has different skills. We strongly believe that if we band together you get listened to and this brings out the best in people. Along with a general feeling that change can happen, there’s also a strong feeling of camaraderie.

We face a once in a lifetime opportunity, not only to save our pub but to make the community pub the hub of the village and local area and with your support we can make it happen.

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