Saving The Lord Raglan

Our Aim Our Vison

- the heart of the community -

In October 2017, the Lord Raglan, Nangreaves closed its doors after nearly 200 years of trading. Desperate not to lose this valuable asset, a few heads and hearts came together and agreed to try to save “The Rag”. In our small village it wasn’t just somewhere to get a drink, but it was the heart of the community, The Raglan kept people of all generations connected. It always was, and is now as much as ever, essential.

As our plan grows and develops, we hope to raise the funds to buy the Raglan and run it as a “not-for-profit” organisation which will be owned by the community for the community. As the people around the Rag support it, it in turn will support them.

Please read our other pages for ways to support the Lord Raglan, Nangreaves as a Community Benefit Society.

What is a
Community Pub?

According to figures from the British Beer and Pub Association 67,800 pubs were operating in 1982, today that figure is down to 50,800. With many pubs being sold off by breweries, the community ownership model is becoming widespread.